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Education in times of uncertainty
Citizenship competences and CLIL teaching
Futures of scientific citizenship and Global Science Opera
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Education and Futures

Imagining, in the short and long term, the aims of education and competences in times of uncertainty, local and global citizenship and opportunities for teaching in a foreign language, scientific citizenship and connections between science and art.

Virtual tables

28 April, 5, 8 and 13 May 2020 

The virtual table initiative was created to allow the Officine to be held remotely, due to the COVID-19 emergency. The results of the Officina 2020 will be shared with the UNESCO Futures of Education initiative, with the “Officina” network and with the European Erasmus+ projects Integrated Content and Language via a Unified Digital Environment (INCLUDE) and the Global Science Opera leverage students participation and engagement in science through art practices (GSO4SCHOOL) and will be published on this web page. The themes of the discussions, using focus group methodology, are:

L'educazione al tempo dell'incertezza

in times of uncertainty

28 April - 5 May 2020

Prospects, worries and visions of education in the long term with reference to phases of crisis, uncertainty and emergency.

Competenze di cittadinanza e insegnamento CLIL

Citizenship competences and
CLIL teaching 

8 May 2020

Citizenship competences and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) as a tool for rethinking in the short and long term, locally and globally, europeanity and planetarity.

Futuri di cittadinanza scientifica e Global Science opera

Futures of scientific citizenship and Global Science Opera

13 May 2020

The role of science education and the teaching opportunities that integrate art and science in building futures of scientific citizenship.


Scientific committee

Adriana Valente, Valentina Tudisca, Claudia Pennacchiotti (CNR-IRPPS)

Michela Mayer (CNR-IRPPS, IASS)

Mara Di Berardo (CNR-IAC)

Elena Gaudio (DGOSV-MI)

Alessia Vagliviello (USR Lazio)

Maya Prince, Daniela Bianchi, Noah W. Sobe (UNESCO)


Cristiana Crescimbene,Claudia Pennacchiotti, Roberta Ruggieri,Valentina Tudisca (CNR-IRPPS)
Mara Di Berardo (CNR-IAC)

Technical support

Vittorio Tulli (CNR)

Luca Pianelli (CNR-IRPPS)